Tree Valuation Reports

Tree Valuation Reports provide a means to express the monetary value of a single tree or of a group of trees. This is often necessary in order to secure compensation if a tree is damaged or needs to be replaced.

Tree valuation is a complex process. For, example, if valuing an established mature tree, the cost of planting a juvenile tree would give a gross under-representation of the value of the tree; however, the cost to remove the tree and replace it with an equally mature specimen would be beyond the tree’s value. Monetary tree valuation appraises a variety of attributes, including the size, location and amenity value provided by the tree.

Bagshaw Ecology use two approved methods of monetary tree valuation: the Helliwell system,which was developed in the 1970’s and has been recognised in UK courts, and the Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees (CAVAT) system.

With offices in Hebden Bridge and Lancaster, we produce Tree Valuation Reports throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cumbria.  

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