Tree Safety Surveys

Bagshaw Ecology provide systematic and thorough Tree Safety Surveys to ensure that safety standards are met. From individual trees in gardens to woodlands and street trees, our Tree Safety Surveys shift the burden of responsibility from the tree owner to our consultancy.

Our consultants are registered users of Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA), enabling us to apply accepted and established risk management principles to tree safety assessment. Trees are inspected from ground level, using tried and tested methods of Visual Tree Inspection (VTA) to assess the condition and safety of trees. Any structural or physiological defects within trees is recorded, and any fungal or insect pathogens are identified. The risk of harm posed by a tree is then calculated, enabling a decision to be reached as to whether any further works are necessary.

Following the inspection, a tree safety report is produced whereby any recommendations relating to safety are prescribed. Our consultants can also make any recommendations relating to the aesthetic value and the long term arboricultural management of trees. We can then liaise with contractors to ensure that works are carried out correctly.

Where a more detailed inspection is required, we can perform decay analysis of trees using an IML Resistrograph Microdrill,which can aid in the detection of internal decay within a tree. This can be particularly useful when assessing high value trees, or trees afforded protection by Tree Preservation Orders, to provide an objective and transparent approach to tree safety assessment. 

With offices in Hebden Bridge and Lancaster, we carry out Tree Safety Surveys throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cumbria, and regularly carry out surveys nationwide. 

For more information regarding Tree Safety Surveys, or for a free quotation, please contact us.