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Habitat Surveys West Yorkshire

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The majority of plants are in flower this time of year, making it the optimum period to carry out Phase 1 Habitat Surveys. Over the next couple of months our surveyors will be carrying out Phase 1 Habitat Surveys across West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas.

Phase 1 Habitat Surveys form part of a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal, and are a baseline assessment of the ecological value of a site. The Phase 1 Habitat System, produced by the JNCC, allows rapid identification of habitat types. Habitats are classified according to their plant species composition, and are placed into a number of habitat categories, each assigned an alphanumeric code. This can then inform planning decisions for proposed development. It can also inform the requirement for further surveys, for example when suitable habitat for protected and notable species, such as bats, badgers and reptiles are identified.

For further information regarding Phase 1 Habitat surveys, you can call us on 01422 646010 or email us at [email protected]