BREEAM and CfSH Reports

Building Research Establishment Environment Assessment Method (BREEAM) and Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) are both industry quality standards that award credits to construction and civil engineering projects. Some of the credits for these standards are based on the ecological value of the project.

Both BREAM and CfSH utilise a scoring system whereby credits are achieved in a variety of categories, including Management, Health and Wellbeing, Energy, Transport, Materials, Waste, Water , Pollution, and Land Use and Ecology. Of these, Land Use and Ecology are often some of the easiest credits to attain. Our ecologists meet the standards of Suitably Qualified Ecologist (SQE), as specified in the BREEAM and CfSH guidelines, and can provide advice on native planting, ecological enhancement and management to help achieve the maximum number of desired credits.

Bagshaw Ecology often provide BREEAM and CfSH services in conjunction with other ecological services, such as Phase 1 Habitat Surveys and Tree Surveys, providing our clients with a cost effective approach to the planning process.

With offices in Hebden Bridge and Lancaster, we carry out BREEAM and CfSH Assessments throughout Yorkshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cumbria. 

For more information on ecology credits relating to BREEAM and CfSH assessments, we recommend viewing the BREEAM website.

For more information regarding BREEAM and CfSH assessments, or for a free quotation, please contact us.