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Wild Thing

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Since the beginning of February, we have had a new member of the team at Bagshaw Ecology. Everyone give a warm welcome to Jimi, he mainly works nights, doesn’t keep the office particularly tidy and weighs around 5g… oh and he’s a bat.

So he may not be the most productive member of the team but we’re happy to have him around. Jimi has an interesting back story. He was found by a member of the public around 10 miles from our office in Hebden Bridge. He was roosting in one of the most unusual spots we’ve ever encountered a bat, inside a guitar in their converted roof space. Hence the homage to the late Jimi Hendrix.

Thankfully Jimi is well on the mend now. We give him plenty of tasty mealworms and he repays us in the form of bat poo and trying to bite us, a fairly one-sided relationship.

Jimi is a common pipistrelle Pipistrellus pipistrellus, our most common UK bat. They are cavity roosting bats, fitting into the tightest of spaces, which means they are often found roosting in buildings in the roof void, under roof tiles or even in cracks in walls. Although they are the most common bat in the UK, their population has declined dramatically with changes to agriculture and modern building regulations. That means every bat, including Jimi, is valuable.

With the weather starting to warm up we will soon be releasing Jimi close to where he was found so watch this space for updates!

If you find a bat in distress call the Bat Helpline 0345 1300 228 for further advice. If the bat is in a vulnerable position, then contain it within a box (Please wear gloves, a small percentage of UK bats carry rabies). Provide a plastic bottle cap of water and a tea towel or cloth for the bat to hide in.