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Bats at Hardcastle Crags

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We recently identified a maternity roost with a peak count of 272 common pipistrelle bats at Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags in Hebden Bridge. Maternity roosts are formed by pregnant, female bats who gather together to have their babies. Females often return to the same place every year to form maternity roosts, so they are very important for the conservation status of bat species.

We also identified brown long-eared bats emerging from the mill, and Leisler’s foraging around the building.

The video below was taken around 1.5 hours after sunset, and shows bats emerging and re-entering from under the eaves of the building. The footage was taken using a Canon Legria HFR205, which was modified by Infraready.

On the survey we were accompanied by a very enthusiastic ranger from the National Trust!