Ecology Surveys

We provide ecological consultancy services for planning and development, ranging from barn conversions to large scale housing developments. Specialising in UK protected species such as bats, badgers, and great crested newts, we provide a comprehensive ecological consultancy service throughout Yorkshire and the rest of the UK Read More

 Tree Surveys 

We offer expert advice on the management and support of trees, whether in relation to a planning application, for mortgage and insurance purpose, or to determine whether a tree is safe. Our expert arboricultural consultants are fully qualified, and are members of the Arboricultural Association.   Read More


Bats at Hardcastle Crags
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We recently identified a maternity roost with a peak count of 272 common pipistrelle bats at Gibson Mill, Hardcastle Crags in Hebden Bridge. Maternity roosts are formed by pregnant, female bats who gather together to have their babies. Females often return to the same place every year to form maternity … Read More

Going batty
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We’re well into the start of the bat survey season here at Bagshaw Ecology. From the 1st of May we’ve been out dawn and dusk monitoring bat activity outside buildings and in suitable habitats. Strangely, we’ve missed it somewhat over the winter… We use a variety of techniques to detect … Read More

Treading on eggshells
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Have you noticed the cheerful song of the dawn chorus recently? The warmer weather and longer days has spurred most male bird species into song, hopeful to attract a mate. This means we will be out on-site undertaking breeding bird surveys until the end of August. As all bird species … Read More